Bariatric Surgery – Changing Lives For The Better

Gastric banding is a laproscopic surgical procedure where the surgeon cuts 3 small incisions. The first incision is in the navel and that one is used to pump air into the stomach to allow the surgeon to see what he is doing. There are 2 small incisions on either side of the navel, one for the camera and the second for the actual surgical instruments. There is a small fill port that is left just under the skin and to the left of the navel. This will control the amount of liquid in the band at any given time. The band is usually placed on the top third of the stomach close to the base of the esophagus. Gastric banding works because the fluid within the band squeezes the stomach and therefore making a smaller area for food to enter.

The idea with meal replacement is to replace a solid meal with a meal replacement like a shake, oatmeal, chili or energy bar. Whenever it is time for one of your regular meals you would eat a meal replacement meal when it is time for a meal.

You should write a personal note to yourself or several copies of the same note that say something to the effect of ‘Remember to chew slowly and pay attention to how much food you are eating.’ After an bursa obezite ameliyatı you will fill up very quickly and can inadvertently make yourself sick.

The background of these diets lie on meal replacement shakes and healthy snacks as well as daily activity. Meal replacements programs are a great way to cut calories and lose weight quickly. A shake and a nutrition bar together would be a typical meal replacement. Most meal replacement supplements provide an adequate level of protein while limiting the amount of carbohydrates you consume.

Another popular way to lose weight quickly is surgery. Lap band or gastric bypass surgery comes to mind. These are quick fixes and they come with their own risks too. Surgery does have it’s place for morbidly obese people. But for people who are only 30-40 pounds overweight having surgery is not a great option especially when your life is on the line. Many people have died as a result of having obesity surgeries.

A protein shake is usually a low calorie soy based shake with a high amount of protein – about 10-15 grams on average. They are a quick and tasty way to get a high-quality source of protein without a lot of extra fat or carbohydrates. They are easier to prepare and more convenient than a chicken breast. Perfect for anyone on the go or stretched thin for time.

After about two months, you should be able to eat most foods. Course meats may to need to be cut into small pieces and soaked in liquid. Your biggest problem will be with sugar. It will more than likely make you feel lightheaded or like you have the flu. Sugar may also cause dumping syndrome. It is best to limit sugar as much as possible.

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