Finding The Best Self Defense Product For You

A few years back four of my buddies and myself decided to go on a cycling trip. We had decided to ride through the Smokie Mountains. We found a friend who had a van that would haul all of us and all five bikes, gear etc.

Ear slap. With your fingers tightly closed and slightly cupped, slap both hands sideways atop both of the attacker’s ears simultaneously as hard as possible. The resulting popping or ringing sensation will give you a few seconds to do a knee-to-groin kick or to break free.

Look at direction of travel and pathways. If the path from the couch to the kitchen or bathroom has a table and chairs encroaching into the path then rearrange the furniture so that the path is straight. If mom bumps into a table this could just be enough to cause a fall.

Have your car keys in hand to avoid “searching” for them when you reach your car. As you draw near to your vehicle wait until you are almost upon it before using your fob to unlock it. Unlocking it too early could possibly inform a would-be assailant which car is yours. He could then hurry on ahead to reach your car before you and wait for your arrival. When you reach your car it is a good idea to scan the interior BEFORE getting in to make sure no one is hiding inside.

When walking to the car, always have your keys in your hand, and the thumb near the ‘horn’ button – if you have one. If you don’t have one, then consider a personal alarm.

Always use a licensed taxi or car service. Avoid the “Town Cars” that often cruise the streets looking to solicit rides. This practice is common at airports and other public transportation terminals and is unlawful in many states and cities. Many public taxi companies have the operator’s license posted in the rear of the cab for your inspection. Look for it and compare the photo to the driver.

There is still the odd drama about which shoe goes on which foot or delays while they negotiate which toys to select and take with them in the car but even in amongst all that, it is still a dramatically streamlined routine compared to what it was and as a result, the odd fuss can be easily accommodated and rarely escalates to a stand off.

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