Getting Your Baby Off To A Great Start With An Organic Baby Mattress

Babies are very sensitive to the pollutants and other harsh chemicals in our atmosphere that can have drastic effects on their health. As a result, parents should choose organic and eco friendly products for their babies. They should maintain toxic free spaces around their children. A baby spends a lot of time in the nursery. So parents must maintain a toxic free atmosphere around the nursery, by building an eco-friendly nursery.

Finding a good combination of spring count and steel gauge is important in selecting a good Natural Baby mattress. One with a coil count of around 150 with a gauge of 13.5 will provide even and firm support and will be reasonably priced.

It is also interesting to note that latex is resistant to all sorts of mattress horrors such as bacteria, dust mites, molds and mildews. With these not present, you are providing a very safe haven for your baby.

Bumper pads are cute and create a special feel in the crib. If you will utilize a bumper pad be sure it should go all around the crib. A bumper pad has to be attached to the crib by no less than six straps or ties. If the pad does indeed use ties, than the ties ought to be 6 ins or shorter. Lengthier ties might cause strangulation. You also want to keep stuffed animals, even bedding and pillows out of the crib. These things can easily block your baby’s breathing.

Over the last 2 decades we have now become of another nightmare in the baby’s room- SIDS or sudden death infant syndrome. While this puzzling disorder has caught the imagination of the industry, we still do not know what causes it or how best to prevent it. Countless babies have died and everyday, there are new reports on how best to prevent the disorder. In the beginning the disorder was thought to be related to some chemicals in the mattress or the crib. This idea soon died down and now there is belief that perhaps it is the way the babies sleep.

Helping you baby to sleep and rest comfortably during the night, you should buy a quality crib mattress. Make sure to follow all the safety requirements and instructions for supporting your baby as he or she grows. A soft mattress could be a hazard for the resting baby since it could cause suffocation and death. The firmer the better even if it feels stiff, your baby will adjust to it. Besides being firm, a crib mattress should be durable enough to last for several years.

Determine whether it contains a lot of chemicals. Conventional mattresses often have a smell of “newness” to them when you remove the packaging. This “new” smell is actually chemicals being released into the air. Parents are naturally concerned about these harmful substances, many of which are known to be carcinogenic and bad for your baby’s health and development. Thus, you should pick a mattress with as few harmful chemicals as possible.

Never underestimate the value of a fine baby crib mattress, because you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of it, perhaps even with your next couple of children too.

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