If You Are Looking For A New Style, Get The Latest Trend – Hair Extensions

You must have seen several celebrities sporting short hair in the morning and long hair in the evening. With hair extensions, it is possible to get the kind hair you have always wished for. If you select the appropriate texture and color which matches with your natural hair, and get them professionally attached, nobody will find out that it is not your natural hair. Hair extensions not only increase the length, but also add highlights, lowlights or volume.

You may lose some bonds during the time that your extensions are in. Do not worry as this is normal. Each case is different but normally you should expect to lose around 1-10 bonds, some lose slightly more and others lose none at all.

You should be aware that hair will shed, more so during the first 2 weeks or so. This is the hair that sheds is the hair that has not been caught up in the glue properly. If some of your extensions do fall out then you may notice parts of your own hair coming out with the root attached. Do not be worried as this is only the hair that has not been able to escape the glue bond which you would have shed naturally. Remember that we shed around 100 of our own hair per day naturally and because of the extensions these are not able to fall out.

Once hair extension s san diego is done adding the human hair extension, it now depends on you as to how long you want to have your hair extension maintained. Human Haarverlängerung Ulm is expensive and requires more care than synthetic hair extensions. A properly maintained human hair extension could last awhile.

There are several kinds of hairs used for making extensions. Synthetic strands which are of very poor quality look excellent only on plastic dolls. You cannot curl or use blow driers on these. Another kind of extension is made of Asian hair, which is quite affordable. These hairs are quite straight and dark. However, they look good only on Asians and cannot be colored or permed permanently.

Both Emo men and women dye their hair jet black and the bolder the effect, the better. You don’t have to worry about the dye looking unnatural and can even shade the edges with frosted highlights, blue or purple.

Weaving usually involve braiding each strand of hair with the extensions. Weaves are hidden beneath your hair that is why others can not see it. This method is also not preferred by the experts because it adds to much weight on your hair.

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If You Are Looking For A New Style, Get The Latest Trend – Hair Extensions

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