Why Does Hair Thinning Happen

You might be suffering from hair loss due to a faulty diet, stressed lifestyle, genetics, onset of menopause, a particular chemical treatment for an illness, or other reasons. A number of natural hair loss treatments happen to be found useful in the elimination and even cure hair loss in men and women.

The term “androgenic alopecia” indicates that the androgen hormones are involved. However, many experts like to avoid that term. Instead, they use the term “female pattern hair loss”. The hormones that are at play can be genetic.

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Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables to stop alopecia. Fruits and vegetables contain tons of growth stimulating nutrients like vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, Vitamin E, zinc and so on that are very beneficial in aiding your fight against baldness. The antioxidants richly found in fruits and vegetables also protect the hair from external abuse, making it stronger. This in turn helps to reduce the loss of hair.

If one is treating diabetes home remedy to the thyroidal disease, they have to undergo extensive therapy. First, there are tests that need to be taken. We have to make sure that the thyroid disease is actually the real reason behind the loss of hair. There can be other components and we have to make sure of that. Others may be due to the reaction they have with their medicines. They might be allergic to them and it causes reactions to some parts of the body just like the hair.

We can cure this by taking supplements that will help regain the health of the hair follicles. Some people consult dermatologists so that they can be informed about what procedure they can do to grow the hair back. Others can also use home and natural remedies. The use of essential oils has always been used in growing hair. It has been effective to many, and the good thing is there aren’t any side effects. Oils that come from lavenders, herbs, ginseng and even aloe vera helps grow the hair back and make it thicker so that they will not fall of the hair follicles. They are applied directly to the skin so that the hair follicle is affected directly.

Genetically predisposed hair loss is very common. This type of balding is called Androgenic Alopecia and affects the majority of men with hair loss. If your hair loss is a genetic issue there is an array of solutions that you might want to consider.

Provillus is a popular one and they have a lot more information on their website about hair loss. You might check it out. They give away free trials too.

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